The overall architecture - the cold bathhouse 1:400
The in-zoomed architecture - the shower house. 1:20
The in-zoomed architecture - the shower house. 1:20
The in-zoomed architecture - the shower house. 1:20
deconstructing the shower house
The object - the salt-glazed tile. 1:1, Endless variation when combined.
The object - the salt-glazed tile. 1:1, measurements.
The object - the salt-glazed tile. 1:1
The relation - detail
The relation - plan 1:20
The relation - elevation 1:20

The Water of Winters

An open-air cold bathhouse in Stenungsund, west coast of Sweden.

The project creates a meeting place for individuals and groups, stripping them of their symbols of identity. Bridging generations and borders and forcing a moment of presence upon them simultaneous increasing both physical+mental health.

Additional the project investigates place-specificity within objects when developed in relation to architecture and what impact the objects have on the architecture and vice verca. 

The project is based on anthropology, historical and tectonic research and investigating the relation between architecture and design. It includes three phases on different scale; the overall architecture, the in-zoomed architecture and the object.

An additional intention was to support a non-profit organization with focus on social sustainability. A project that otherwise would have hard time to be introduced/survive. The project is currently in the process towards a realisation whereas I have introduced a civil dialogue in relation to the surrounding municipalities and industries. 

To create an involvement and understanding from the locals towards the developed design an instagram account was created where the process and design is explained and becomes public. Simultaneously it acts as a communication in current process of realisation.