Helena & Eva Eichlinger – sisters by blood

Basici, Croatia 2017

 First in the sisterhood series



Sally Eriksson, Sophia Grip & Maria Lindeblad  – sisters by heart

Vitemölla, Sweden 2018

 Second in the sisterhood series



Anna Opitz & Helena Eichlinger  –  sisters by choice

Gislöv läge, Sweden 2019

 Third in the sisterhood series



Italian grandmothers talking after their morning swim.

They told me that the effect of the light from the wooden deck above only occurs in a short period of time during very sunny mornings.

Ausonia, Trieste 2018



Italian woman

Ausonia, Trieste 2018





Italy, 2012



Lunchhaschen och irritationen

Brumbleby, Copenhagen 2017




South of France, 2012



Manuel and Gabriel preparing for trampoline jump

Ausonia, Trieste, 2018



Cinque Terre, Italy, 2012



The Palace Square, Sankt Petersburg, 2013